KENPAT is Committed to Safety

KENPAT is focused on continuously improving our ability to perform each work task safely, and ensuring our employees understand the hazards associated with each feature of work to which they are assigned. We believe that with proper planning, all accidents are avoidable.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone working under a KENPAT contract goes home safely at the end of the day. To show our commitment to this mission, any person working on a KENPAT site has the authority to stop work if the conditions do not support safe work.

KENPAT is committed to providing employees with equipment, training, and best practices to mitigate the risk of injury on our jobs. We are constantly updating these policies to include any new innovations, whether process or technological.

However, safe work requires a group effort, and at KENPAT we strive to lead by example every second of every day. Safety is not the responsibility of the supervision solely, safety is everyone’s job. Speak up, stay safe. Our employees are encouraged to feel free to email us at any time with any safety-related question or comment at

KENPAT is dedicated to continually improving our safety performance and is striving to attain an accident-free environment for our workers.

KNEPAT Stresses Safety on all our projects

Safety is Job #1 at KENPAT


KNEPAT Stresses Safety on all our projects

Keeping Workers Safe

KENPAT’s work in construction is deemed to be essential, and as result, our work crews have continued to work during this difficult timeframe. Given that, key decision makers at KENPAT met almost immediately to map out how the work teams could keep working and be safe.

Safety precautions were implemented. At the start of the work day, everyone is told be sure to wear masks at all times. Social distancing is encouraged whenever possible throughout the day. Then, as tools are checked out, they are sprayed and wiped down with alcohol as they are handed out. Each tool is assigned to one person, and that person is the only one to use that tool during the day. If it is turned it, it is once again sprayed and wiped down with alcohol. The same thing happens at the end of the day with all tools as they are turned in. The same procedure is followed the next day.

KENPAT has encouraged that working conditions that minimized the opportunity for the spread of the disease needed to be enforced on all job sites. If that did not happen, KENPAT would no longer work on that project until conditions changed.

As a result of these efforts, KENPAT had not had a single incident of COVID-19 on any of its crews. Additionally, KENPAT’s firm stand for these safety precautions has undoubtedly helped other sub-contractors minimize the spread of this virus.