Deland Municipal Building


The DeLand Municipal Complex is a construction project built on the site of the existing City Hall. KENPAT USA participated in the construction of the City Hall that encompassed 47,000 square feet and the Fire Station that encompassed 7,310 square feet. There are over 400 pieces of GFRC installed on the exterior of the DeLand City Hall building. Each piece and its connections to the building were engineered to survive Florida’s potential high winds and weather.

KENPAT USA provided the Gypsum Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete Columns (GFRC) and Stucco for the exterior of the three-story, 47,000 square foot Municipal Complex and the 7,300 square foot Fire Station Addition.
• Light Gauge Metal Framing
• Wall Insulation
• Gypsum Wall Board
• Cement Plaster
• Acoustical Ceilings
• Gypsum Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete Columns (GFRC)

KENPAT self-performed 90% of this scope.