This new Villages Charter High School in Middleton, Florida, is an amazing project that consists of 15 separate buildings with an interior floor space of 455,311 square feet. Kenpat Central Florida was contracted by Wharton-Smith, Inc., to install 240,000 SF of acoustical ceilings, 2,622 wall panels, and a mixture of 11 different types of specialty ceilings. These included suspended wood panels, linear metal ceilings, metal baffles, curved torsion spring metal systems, and architectural beams.

Scope of Work

  • • Four types of acoustical ceilings totalling 240,000 SF of acoustical grid and tile
  • • 2,622 different wall panels
  • • 11 types of specialty ceilings
  • • 2 different torsion spring metal ceilings with different wood-look finishes
  • • 2 linear metal ceiling systems in different wood-look finishes
  • • 3 different metal baffle ceiling systems

Location: Middleton, FL

General Contractor: Wharton-Smith, Inc.