Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center is in the midst of a $158 million property wide renovation, including the remodeling of the Osceola Ballroom. Designed to host the largest, most lavish events, Osceola Ballroom is 48,505 square feet. KENPAT was selected to provide new ceilings for this facility. Prior to renovation, the ballroom ceiling was home to four large suspended half domes, each set into their own 41’ x 25’ alcove in quadrants of the space. These four domes and the sub ceilings to which they were suspended from were to be removed and replaced with new sub ceilings, finished drywall, and four ornate Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) assemblies totaling ±3,200 square feet.

Scope of Work

  • • Provide and install custom GFRG ceilings
  • • Install new 4’ x 4’ acoustical ceiling/grid
  • • Install prefabricated soffits/bulkheads
  • • Skim and sand all walls to receive new wall covering
  • • Install new door frames at ballroom perimeter
  • KENPAT self-performed 100% of this scope.

Location: Orlando,FL